I have qualifications in horticulture and landscape design with current membership of the Master Landscapers of South Australia

Whether it’s working as a landscape designer or in garden care, I always work cooperatively with clients to ensure they get the engagement they desire from their personalised landscape. I describe my garden designs as ‘character driven spaces’ that can positively influence our quality of life.

I am concerned about the effects of climate change on the environment and see my design practice as an opportunity to provide energy saving options for more sustainable and comfortable living. This is achieved by making logical decisions to garden layouts based on seasonal cycles of the sun, the prevailing winds, as well as many other local environmental factors. All of this happens without compromising the intention of the space and just as important, how it looks.

Performance – Aesthetics – Functionality

In addition to being a garden and landscape professional, I am also an accomplished landscape photographer with extensive exhibition and teaching experience. I bring my refined visual aesthetic to every design project.

“Photography is a very good skill for a landscape designer. Knowing why an image works or doesn’t work in a 2D plane is important for making consistently successful images. However, a landscape is 3D with visual consideration needing to be given to multiple viewing points and functional access routes. Further to that is the 4th dimension of time such as daily and seasonal changes to the tracking of the sun, plant aspects such as growth, flowering, fruiting and changing from evergreen to deciduous. Landscape design is composing a garden that’s constantly in motion.”