Mr. Goddard specialises in the following services

Landscape Design

Inspire Session offer  $330.00 for 90 min – 2hrs

We can you meet in your garden and brainstorm a way forward to create the garden you desire. An inspire session is perfect for those looking to improve an existing garden or DIY.

Plans or any other written documentation that you may need can quoted separately.


  • Upfront payment required.
  • Sessions available 9-5 weekdays and Saturdays 10am-1pm
  • The Inspire Session payment can be deducted from a customised quote if you decide you need a garden plan too.

Full-service Design*

Great garden design needs attention and care. Our plans are highly considered and tailored specifically to your personal needs and garden spaces.

Our process is collaborative with opportunities to provide feedback along the way so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our thorough planning also provides some control over future installation costs that installers can quote on.

Please read ‘The Process’ page for details about our full-service design steps.

*Each project is quoted independently based on scale, complexity and estimated time required to undertake.

Garden Care

Do you want your existing garden to be maintained by a trade-qualified horticulturalist? Mr Goddard Landscape Design has the skills to ensure your garden remains healthy and looking its best. Services include:

  • pruning
  • fertilising
  • mulching
  • identifying pest and disease
  • maintaining soil health

I can also advise you on selecting the right plants for future plantings.

Plant Supply & Installation

Whether it’s maintaining an existing garden or starting anew, Mr Goddard Landscape Design has the experience to choose ‘the right plant for the right spot’ to meet your garden needs.

Professionally installed to ensure the best start to your garden with further cost savings passed on to you through wholesale plant purchase.