Mr. Goddard specialises in the following services

Landscape Design

Did you know that a professionally designed garden can make a positive and valuable difference to your home?

I always take the time to arrange an initial meeting to discuss what your current and future needs might be, even if you’re not totally sure yourself. You could consider one of the following design styles:

  • energy efficient – using your garden to reduce home energy costs through passive heating and cooling (retrofitting)
  • low water use – using beautiful Australian native plants that are suited to our climate
  • low maintenance – great for people who don’t have (or want to spend) a lot of time gardening
  • an entertainment area – create a special place for your family and friends to gather
  • a small space design such as a courtyard – make the most of the space that you have
  • a vegetable patch – cooking and gardening were meant to go together

Your plan can include professional installation by qualified tradespeople as necessary, or I can create a step-by-step ‘Do It Yourself’ plan for you that suits your needs and budget better.

Garden Care

Do you want your existing garden to be maintained by a trade-qualified horticulturalist? Mr Goddard Landscape Design has the skills to ensure your garden remains healthy and looking its best. Services include:

  • pruning
  • hedging
  • lawn care
  • plant removal
  • soil testing
  • plant pest and disease checks.

I can also advise you on selecting the right plants for future plantings.

Plant Scaping, supply and installation

Whether it’s maintaining an existing garden or starting anew, Mr Goddard Landscape Design has the experience to choose ‘the right plant for the right spot’ to meet your garden needs.

Professionally installed to ensure the best start to your garden with further cost savings passed on to you through wholesale plant purchase.